Egypt-9A-069 - Going to Temple of Dakka

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Author: Dennis Jarvis
This is a small site on Lake Nasser, for about $3.00 you could take the tractor taxi... It was very hot and it is worth the $3.00, no I did not take the ride, I walked. We were leaving another temple, Wadi el-Sebua. The great part of the Lake Nasser tour was the remoteness and very few people, just our group seen here. Temple of Dakka in the distance. It was dedicated to Thoth and was originally located 100 kilometers south of Aswan Dam. El-Dakka was known to the Egyptians as Pselqet and to the Greeks as Pselchis. Lake Nasser, Egypt The temple we see today was actually begun by the Meroitie (Nubian) king, Akamani in about 220 BC.

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