Egypt-9A-063 - Wadi el-Sebua

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Author: Dennis Jarvis
The Temple of Wadi el-Sebua. Lake Nasser, Egypt Wadi el-Sebua Temple was built by Ramesses II in Nubia on the west bank of the Nile. The temple was dedicated to the worship of god Ra- Hor-Akhty, Amon, and Ramsis II as a deified person. It is built out of stones except the sanctuary and the inner vestibules which are carved into the bed rock. The temple consists of a sphinx avenue, an entrance, 3 pylons, 3 courtyards, a hypostyle hall and inner sanctuary. The walls of the temple are decorated with many religion scenes and important relief. During the Christian Era many parts of it have been converted in to a church. The temple was moved in 1964 as the waters were rising in Lake Nasser after the High Dam was built. ---------------------------------------------------------- Medical update - I have two very rear forms of cancer according to my family doctor and that the neurosurgeon should call in a day or two. He said at the least I will be talked about throughout the medical community. The facts about both are above the knowledge of my family doctor so I will wait and see. I will probably be referred to the cancer center immediately and more treatment will be done on me. The lump removed from my chest is a real puzzle.....he said. The two cancers are not related to each other which is great.

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