A sunset wave

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Author: Jimmy McIntyre
Daily HDR Blog | HDR One Magazine | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Google+ UK Journal Day 5 (Travel Diary Day 43) (travel blog - strange-lands.com/daily/2012/08/25/a-wavy-sunset/) It’s raining. I’d forgotten about rain. I once explained to an American friend how grey England generally is. He said ‘Sweet, like from Sherlock Holmes movies where it’s all dark and foggy?’ He knew nothing. Jet lag is slowly being replaced by a gentle but constant hangover. That’s our medicine for bleak weather – alcohol. Today’s Photo – a sunset on Kuta During our time in Kuta (i.e. Mini Australia) we often finished our days with walks along the beach. I always had my camera but we weren’t always blessed with lovely sunsets. On this occasion the colours were particularly lovely so I waded into the sea and took a few photos. It’s hard imagine that lovely weather at the moment.

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