Santa Monica Pier - Santa Monica Ca - while supa moon waitin

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License: Non-Commercial
Author: ™ Pacheco
just a few days now from the 2013 super moon...... I thought i would put up a piece i have hanging in the Pacheco gallery... if you find yourself in Malibu, stop in and see it , looks great 30 by 40. That advanced Black and White mode on the Epson 9900 is just insane, especially on metallic paper. You just never get used to that fresh print rolling out onto the floor glimmering in my daylight balanced studio lights at 3 in the morn. Always a fresh reminder of why i enjoy the art of photography and print making so. Such a stunningly famous place represented by so many great artists in color... i thought a black and white might be nice to see. Gallery text: Title:Storm Coming "Looking over my catalog of photo shoots at the Santa Monica Pier, in Southern California, it’s no wonder this place happens to be one of the top 10 photographed locations on Instagram. I’m not even sure what that means, but I do know this place is WOWZA. In winter, when the sun goes down over the pacific and directly behind that long creaky pier, crazy things happen. I’ve seen white sudsy shorelines smeared with mirror like Ferris wheel reflections, forever changing by the second, with each wave, each incremental nudge of a sinking sunset and each blinky blink and spiny swirl of a random Ferris wheel light pattern display. It’s like a light paradise for me and truly beyond breathtaking if you’re lucky enough to find yourself there when the cloud radar is cooperating and the sky has a little light show penciled in on its itinerary. It really doesn’t get old, and every time I carry my trusty tripod there and perch myself in the damp sand waiting for the sun to set, I’m struck with a completely new and unique set of compositions particular to that moment in time. This image is no different. The snap directly before this frame and directly after it look nothing alike… other than a few seconds of movement from this stormy late winter sky and its relentless approach. Some things are in my control, a stable sand eating tripod, a nerd like camera setting, an over planned location scout, a Gerbera daisy bouquet, or a sticky love note … but crashing waves are not. So when I’m shooting a scene like this… leaving an area inside the frame available for wonderful accidents to take place is in my best interest. Having said that, I take great pride in knowing, a little luck goes a long splashy way. I’ve learned the hard way that some storms can’t be avoided, best to just leave an area of your life open for unplanned surprises and when it all comes crashing down, roll with the tumbling waves. Who knows, you just might enjoy the ride. I do." -pacheco

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