Kitchen Reenactor - Booker T Washington National Monument

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License: Non-Commercial
Author: Donnie Nunley
Booker T Washington National Monument had an 1863 Harvest Day celebration on Saturday. The monument celebrates the life and accomplishments of Dr. Booker T Washington, an educator, author, orator and presidential advisor. Dr. Washington was born into slavery on this farm in 1856 and remained a slave until emancipation in 1865 when he was 9 years old. This lady and her partner were demonstrating and explaining the function of the kitchen on this farm during the civil war era at harvest time. It was 65 F outside and inside this small building they had built a roaring cooking fire. It was at least 95 or 100 F in the building. The change in temperature walking from the outside into the building was somewhat stunning. These ladies had 5 pots over, in and around the fire cooking dishes like chicken, cale, squash and apple pie. It smelled marvelous! A big thank you goes to this nice lady (whose name I unfortunately didn't get) who agreed to pose by the window for me. :^)

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